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Treatment programs for heating and steam generation systems

In almost all industrial areas, steam is needed for different purposes, for example steam for industrial processes, for heating purposes or for generating electricity. To arrive at the best boiler system efficiency, optimal boiler treatment is essential. Boiler disturbances caused by deposits, scale, corrosion, local overheating or steam entrainment, reduce operational safety and could lead to enormous economic damage. EG offers innovative technologies to prevent scale and corrosion throughout the entire boiler system - feed water tank, water heater, steam and condensate system.

Why choose our treatments?

  • To avoid material damage.

  • For optimal heat exchange, without localized overheating.

  • To minimize potential breakdowns.

  • To avoid overheating and, in the event of dragging, the risk of deposits on the

  • turbine blades.

  • For a long service life of your systems.


Regardless of the quality of the preparation of the water entering your boiler, an internal treatment program is needed to keep your boiler operating at its peak performance. Four major problems can occur inside the boiler: scale, sedimentation, corrosion and residuality.

The purpose of an internal treatment program is fourfold:


  • React with any hardness of the feed water and prevent it from precipitating on the metal as scale.

  • Condition any suspended matter such as hardness sludge or iron oxide from the boiler and make it non-adherent to the boiler metal.

  • Provide antifoam protection to allow reasonable concentration of suspended and dissolved solids without foam carry-over.

  • Remove oxygen from the water and result in sufficient alkalinity to prevent boiler corrosion. Furthermore, as complementary measures an internal treatment should prevent corrosion and encrustation of the feed water system and protect against corrosion in the steam condensate systems.


In addition, our formulations, being approved by SE.NA.SA, are applicable to any type of industry or requirement since they comply with FDA regulations.


Maximization of concentration cycles while controlling scale and corrosion, reducing operating costs, saving fuel, water and maintenance.

Our solutions

QUIMICA EG's custom water treatment solution helps protect your boiler system from the damaging effects of corrosion, scale and carry-over. Helps provide safe, reliable and economical vapor protection. We offer effective treatment programs for all types of heating systems and appliances, including:


  • Boilers that burn fossil fuels or waste

  • Electric boilers

  • Steam boilers

  • Online and offline cleaning programs.


What kind of specialized products do we offer?
STOOMPLUS® ADDITIVES: An innovative and comprehensive technology based on film-forming amines that prevent corrosion and deposits in boiler systems.


STOOM® ADDITIVES : Traditional treatment programs designed to protect all types of boilers, to prevent corrosion and deposits in boiler systems. The products are available as single component or as all-in-one combinations.

Successful boiler treatment requires implementing processes that include:

  • Prepare the feed water before it enters the boiler (pre-treatment)

  • Protect and keep the internal surfaces of the boiler clean (internal treatment)

  • Maximize and protect condensate return

Pre-treatment systems can include:

  • Ion exchange softening

  • Demineralization

  • Dealkalization

  • Deaeration

  • Filtration


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