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It is the commitment of our company, a permanent update and a constant concern to improve quality standards in its services, in order to achieve the best cost / benefit ratio for our clients.

Química EG SRL manufactures various water treatment modules that are adapted to the needs of each client.

Since 1988, our objective is to collaborate with the users of our products and services, in order to be more successful in reducing their operating costs; complying with the correct maintenance of the facilities and the environment, and prioritizing the use of water from beginning to end.


Our Technical Department is made up of Engineers and Technicians with vast experience in the activity, from the development of the latest generation products, manufactured in our plant, to the application of the Total Management of the Water Treatment Service.

At QUIMICA EG we design, build, operate and provide services (maintenance, training, technical assistance, spare parts, etc ...) linked to the proper functioning of facilities of:


  • Production of high purity and potable water

  • Filtration with membrane technologies, adsorption and physico-chemical separation

  • Desalination of seawater and brackish water.

  • Industrial water treatment


Our mission


Contribute to industrial progress through our product line. Create a social and environmental awareness in each of our clients through our exclusive customer service.

Train professionals who stand out for their human quality.

Our vision

To be recognized in Latin America as a Leading Water Treatment Company, satisfying the needs of our clients and committing ourselves to the environment.

Our values

  • Be honest with those we work with and with those who work with us.

  • Manufacture high quality products.

  • Be committed to caring for the environment.

  • Be excellent in serving our customers.

  • Promote creativity and innovation in each of the members of Química EG

  • Promote teamwork.

  • Promote the internal communication, politics, achievements and objectives of Química EG.

  • Contribute positively in the communities with which we work and live.

  • Promote the well-being of our members.


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