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Filtration technologies and solutions for a wide range of industrial applications

For centuries, filtration in pressurized media has been a traditional and very common available technology. However, significant knowledge and experience are required to provide highly efficient systems. The filtration experience gained enables us to provide our customers with the optimal design and equipment to offer the most efficient and cost-effective systems.

Monolayer and multimedia filtration systems are part of Quimica EG's portfolio of efficient water filtration solutions, along with extensive experience in applications including wastewater treatment, tertiary treatment and cooling water applications.


Our offering is tailored to customer requirements and includes a wide range of bed types, various grain sizes of sand, gravel, activated carbon, anthracite, basalt and activated filter media such as zeolites. Our solutions are designed for manual or automatic operation, for single vessels or multiple units, collected for complete filtration solutions including peripheral instrumentation, skid mounted and containerized solutions.

The range of filtration equipment is made up of various models of monolayer, bilayer and three-layer filters, which allow the removal of suspended solids and other contaminants present in raw water.

Our solutions

Quimica EG solutions can be customized for a wide range of applications to meet the toughest climates, water conditions and technical requirements. Our deep knowledge and experience is based on years of experience, undertaking projects throughout the country. We provide water filtration products and systems as integrated components or as complete filtration solutions for water, drinking water and wastewater treatment; oil and gas plants; Cooling towers and more. The flexible configuration makes them suitable for installations anywhere along the water system line.


Outstanding features that also include:


  • Sanitary and non-sanitary modular designs

  • Fully assembled and wired skids for easy installation

  • Exchange columns in GRP, A ° C °, SS

  • Operation with automatic heads and automated valve panels

  • Upper and lower nozzles to prevent filter media leakage

  • Valve manifold and Piping in AISI316, PVC-U, PP

  • Premium inline instrumentation

  • Permanent technical service


Filtros PRFV carbon activado
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