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membranas de osmosis inversa sucias
Preservación de membranas

Creative chemistry. Smart solutions.

Today membrane units are widely used in water pre-treatment and are becoming one of the most important technologies in the production of high purity water. However, they often face problems from scraping and fouling and are therefore limited by frequent maintenance, downtime, and high costs. Our treatment programs are specifically designed for membrane units such as reverse osmosis, ultra- and nano-filtration and allow fouling and fouling to be removed or controlled. Our main objective is to operate these plants in favorable environmental and economic conditions. Particular attention is paid to efficient energy use, as well as saving water.

Membrane units are used in various sectors of industry:


  • Surface Technologies (cutting oils, tool oils, emulsions, cataphoresis bath, phosphating bath, paint, cleaning bath)

  • Seawater desalination

  • sewage water

  • Boiler water make-up

  • Bio-technologies

  • Pharmaceutical industry


Our chemicals maximize the productivity of new systems or improve the performance and extend the life of the membrane of existing systems.

Our solutions

What kind of products do we offer?

  • Wide range of cleaning products, antifouling and dispersing agents for membrane treatment

  • Additives for biofilm removal

  • Wide range of membrane compatible biocides.

  • Formulations that remove free and combined chlorine from RO system feedwaters to protect membranes from oxidative damage.


Standardization and design software

Our customers have access to analytical software tools to help ensure consistent and reliable system performance.
Continuous monitoring, standardization, solubility prediction and design systems, among others.



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