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An effective water treatment program helps maximize the efficiency, life, reliability, and safety of boiler, cooling, closed-loop, and wastewater systems.

Creative chemistry. Smart solutions.

An effective water treatment program helps maximize the life efficiency, reliability and safety of boiler, cooling, closed loop and wastewater systems and maximizes total operating costs.

From plant entry to exit, QUIMICA EG has the product line, experience, and commitment to address the unique requirements of virtually any process and water system. Combined with our Total Systems Approach, these capabilities allow QUIMICA EG to provide customized treatment programs that solve our customers' water problems, lower their operating costs, and protect their valuable equipment.


Our solutions

Whether you are looking for a solution to an existing problem in your water treatment plant or are interested in learning about the different ways to improve the profitability of your operations, our water treatment products and solutions help you save costs by extending the useful life of the equipment, increasing production and product quality.


Together, we can address your specific challenge. Just contact us or explore our wide applications for industrial water treatment:


  • Boiler water treatment: we help prevent scale and corrosion throughout the boiler system.

  • Cooling tower water treatment: we help achieve optimal heat transfer.

  • Membrane water treatment, including reverse osmosis systems: we help remove or control scale and dirt.

  • Wastewater Treatment - We help ensure optimal performance from your wastewater treatment process.

  • Cleaning: we offer various cleaners to remove deposits, encrustations, dirt or impurities.



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