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The use of chemical products for preventive maintenance in boilers, cooling systems or membranes, constitutes what is known as Internal Water Treatment.

The choice of a treatment to implement is made on the basis of a study carried out by our Technical Staff, free of charge, on the characteristics of the feed water, the operating conditions of the system and its specifications.

All the treatments that we carry out throughout the country with EG additives are assisted permanently by our Technical Department.


In addition, many of our formulations are approved by SE.NA.SA and are applicable to any type of industry or requirement since they meet first-level quality standards.




Maximization of concentration cycles while controlling scale and corrosion, reducing operating costs, saving fuel, water and maintenance.

Sets of cooling towers in data center bu


Our range of chemicals includes combinations of organic and inorganic chemicals, the formulation of which responds to the specific needs of our customers.



Our chemicals maximize the productivity of new systems or improve the performance and extend the life of the membrane of existing systems.

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